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Get Coach Margaret's help personally through an hour Skype/call coaching session. This is a one on one with Coach Margaret for an hour session, she will dive into your relationship issues and offer personal advice. Limited Availability. Calls take place during business hours

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Hi my name is Margaret and I would like to tell you a little about myself and my experience. I have been a licensed clinical social worker for almost 35 years. That's a long time and I still love it. I share Coach Craig's passion for wanting everyone to have a healthy relationship that is satisfying over the long term. Healthy relationships produce healthy families. Often it is very difficult to establish relationships and we are here to help with the often agonizing task of dealing with break ups along the way.

I began my social work career with the Massachusetts State Agency for Children and Families where I worked for fifteen years. The work involved investigating reports of child abuse and working with families to keep children safely at home. It was sometimes necessary however, if a family were unable to change, to consider foster care or adoption. Children's responses to being removed from their parents were profound and left me dedicated to learning about attachment. The parents, it became clear, often came from several generations of abuse before them. Out of these experiences came my two special areas of expertise: Attachment and the treatment of trauma. 

I truly believe that a normal life is all about attaching and separating at appropriate times. We are programmed to attach as infants and also programmed to separate as adolescents. If trauma is involved at any stage, it makes both attaching and separating a great deal harder.

You may ask what I have done for the other fifteen plus years. I have had a private practice for eighteen years. Treating trauma and attachment issues. I also worked in other institutional settings (the prison system, a hospital and a half way house for women in recovery from substance abuse). I believe that Coach Craig's approach of assisting people in crisis through attachment styles is clinically superb and am glad to be working with him.