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About Craig

Hi there, my name is Craig Kenneth. I want to take a moment to tell you about myself. I have my Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling and have been a therapist since 2002. Before that, I worked as a Behavior Analyst for about 4 years. My background and my passion is for understanding break ups, relationships and dating. I'm here to help you with whatever relationship area you are looking for coaching with. I absolutely know how difficult break ups can be (from several painful break ups I went through) and I understand that every break up is different. Tell me your story! Signing up for coaching will provide you the chance to talk about what is going on with someone who actually understands and can help. Although your friends and family may listen and be there for you, their advice will often contradict each other and lead to you making mistakes that can ruin any chance of re-attracting an ex. I can look at things objectively and help provide you insight, understanding, help you heal and re-attract your ex. 

Aside from my career in psychology, I have been a stand up comedian since about 2004 and have performed with some of the best comics in the country (Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, Mitch Hedberg just a few).  My radio show, The Bantering Idiots, won a national radio talent search and the Orlando Weekly named it the Best New Show. My weekly guests featured some of the best comics in the country (Bill Burr, Wayans Bros., Louis Anderson, Michael Blackson, far too many to list). Laughter is an incredible coping skill and I often use humor to help others cope during difficult times