Easiest Way To Approach A Girl

Easiest way to approach a girl

I know many guys can get anxious and stressed about meeting and approaching a pretty girl that they want to go talk to.

There’s a lot of bad information on the internet on how to approach girls and what to do.

wanted to share the worst approaches I have ever seen. I was out with some friends and a few co workers. I overheard two clueless guys talking about their idea on how to go talk to her.

They had suggested rubbing mustard on his face and acting like nothing is wrong. His belief was that if she mentions the mustard, it means she liked him.

The other guy said that was a stupid idea (I was thinking oh good, he’s trying to help). But then he said, he should put the mustard on his face when he approaches her and introduce himself as Colonel Mustard. That she was going to be Captain Catsup but he wanted to promote her to Rear Admiral (yes he was making an anal joke).

They only talked to themselves that night (and probably every night since then if they have continued with that nonsense).

I got an email from a guy who called himself the Hammer, who admits he is not very good at meeting new women and wants the latest technique.

Hammer, I am a therapist and a dating coach. I’m here to help you find fulfilling and meaningful relationships. I want to help you find a great partner where you are both crazy about each other.

Hammer says, hey coach, there’s a really pretty girl that works at my hardware store. What should I do or shouldn’t do? Don’t tell her your name is Hammer. Tell her your real name.

Don’t look like your shopping for duct tape or chloroform. Smile. Don’t look creepy. SMILE!

You should try smiling and looking for a wedding ring. If she has one on, move on. Women constantly have men hitting on them when they tell them they’re unavailable. Leave them alone.

You wouldn’t want anyone hitting on your girl. If that’s not enough, think of the type of person they would be if they did leave their partner for you. If they cheat on them, they will cheat on you.

Okay, so lets make this very Simple. Come from a place of sincerity and genuinely be curious about her. See what she is like. Just keep telling yourself, I want to see what she’s like.

There’s no more pressure. No more outcome to worry about. You are just going to see what type of person she is like. You will separate yourself from all the other guys out there. If she isn’t interested, she will likely do it in a very thoughtful sincere way (the same way you approached her).

Pay attention to small signs of interest: Here are a few to look for: When you talk with her, is she giving you short answers? Is she asking you questions? Is she keeping the conversation going? Or is she looking around for the nearest exit.

How does she look? Does she look uncomfortable or tense? Is she reaching for her pepper spray? Or is she smiling?

If you can be sincere and come from a place of just getting to know her and seeing what she is like, you will separate yourself from all the other guys chasing her and throwing themselves at her.