Surprise! She Came Back Again

Surprise! She Came Back Again

So today’s video is about how women can come back into your life out of nowhere

Many times we can be talking to a woman and for whatever reason she disappears from your life. That can happen from a multiple of reasons. Another guy in the picture. Busy with work. It can be anything.

BUT Anytime you hear from a woman from out of nowhere, assume it’s because she wants to see you.

The amount of time in between hearing from her doesn’t matter. Even if it’s been a year. If she texts you, it’s because she’s thinking about you, and she wants you to ask her out.

That’s just how women are. They aren’t going to ask you out directly. Most of the time it is indirect and confusing.

However they approach it, it will most likely leave you scratching your head.

Women know how easy it is for men to come on too strong, so they don’t do it. Think about it from their perspective for a minute. They know that if a guy calls them or texts them, he’s interested.

They don’t like to be that direct. So it’s almost like they do a misdirect in their direct approach. For example: texting you is direct. But if they do it in a way that confuses you, it no longer appears direct at all.

I want to give an example from my own life. I was talking to a girl and set up a definite time and day for a date. I had narrowed it down to 2 restaurants and I was looking into which one. I texted her to tell her which place I had picked, but she didn’t text back.

Now, she was a very pretty girl and I was definitely interested in taking her out. BUT, I’m at a place where I know I’m a catch. I want someone who’s excited for my time. I am extremely busy and don’t get many free evenings in the week. So I didn’t text her again.

Two weeks later she sent me a text that said “I guess you decided to do something else. I wish you the best”.

See how she texted me in a way that was confusing?  I was confused. I sent her a question mark and I said. I’m so confused.

She said How? I never heard back from you.

I told her I texted you, and she said she never got it. So I sent her a screen shot and cleared it up.

Now the one thing I was not confused about was making asking her out again right away. She told me her to call her the following week to set something up.

So that’s exactly what you do guys. She was helping me. She was telling me what she wants. She doesn’t want a text, she wants me to call her.

You have to pay attention to the little things like that.

But that is usually how a woman comes back into your life. In a way that leaves you scratching your head wondering what just happened. She indirectly got you to ask her out and get your interest without getting rejected. Clever girl.