Does My Information Help Women?

Does My Information Help Women?

Today I’m going to answer 2 emails I got from women regarding if what I teach will work for them.

The first emailer says: Hi Craig, I love your channel and your information has helped me a lot already. My question to you is does your information help women?

No it only works on people who have souls. Just kidding

Absolutely. I would say the area that has the biggest difference is in the early courtship phase.

Because there are different expectations for men and women in that phase of the relationship. The man is expected to pursue the woman and show interest.

For example: Women want the man to ask for her number, text her or calling her, and ask her on the date. So in that sense, I have to teach guys how to court a woman properly. Some women don’t mind pursuing the guy, but most women want the guy to show his confidence and ask her out.

A lot of my information is helpful to both men and women, such as keys to a healthy relationship or reasons relationships fail. Any time I talk about attachment styles, it’s helpful to men and women.

If you have a specific question just go to and you can get my help personally.

I got a second email here from Beth. She asks Hi Craig, I just started watching your videos and they are great. Very practical. My question is when a man moves on, will he change his feelings and reach back out. I shouldn’t reach out? I should make him miss me right? Am I understanding you correctly?

I’ve heard that it comes across as needy or clingy to communicate if they don’t respond?

Okay, good question. So if a man moves on will he change his feelings and reach back out? Okay if are dating a guy and he just stopped contacting you? Send him one text message. If he doesn’t reply, wait at least another week and reach out one more time. If they don’t respond, move on.

You do not want to keep messaging someone that doesn’t reply. They will start to lose respect for you. They’ll take you for granted. And your value will decrease in their eyes.

The mystery and excitement that first comes when you start talking with someone is gone. People want what they can’t have.

Beth: After watching your videos I think I have an anxious attachment style. I have been talking with 3 different guys. One guy texts me all the time, morning, during the day, and at night. I feel like that means he has a higher interest and wants something serious.

It could mean he has a higher interest. But to me it indicates he has an anxious attachment style. So it is possible he has a higher interest in you. It’s also possible he has an anxious attachment style and is anxious with 20 other women that he is also talking to.

I know a guy who has a very anxious attachment style. He loves attention and drama. So he is constantly texting a girl all day long. The thing is, he is texting 5-6 girls all day long. He is using them to feel good about himself and validate himself. And guess what, all these girls get attached to him thinking they are something special to him, when the truth is he is only using them to cover up his insecurity.

Beth: One guy occasionally texts me and seems fairly interested. The third guy didn’t text message me for 4 days, so it seems he is the least interested.

Well, it’s also possible he is the most secure and/or the most busy. Does he have kids, does he work a lot? You have to consider those factors. A confident guy won’t need to chase a girl. He knows he is a catch and will reach out to you and set dates when he can. If you find another guy, he’s not going to get upset because he knows a woman will see his value.

If they aren’t returning your messages after a reasonable amount of time, they obviously don’t value you. Now, if they were attached or think you’ve moved on, their interest could rise again.

But you must cut off all contact with someone who does not respect you or value your time. Find someone who will.