How can you tell if she likes you.

One of the biggest questions I get is how can you tell if a woman likes you. Well if you really think about that, It’s not a black OR white answer.

What you need to keep in mind is HOW MUCH she likes you. There’s a HUGE range of how much you can like someone. You can HATE THEIR GUTS or you can be HEAD OVER HEALS IN LOVE WITH THEM. There’s an interest level.

The interesting thing about that is that can change as quickly as the clouds in the sky. Which is part of the reason getting attached is scary! Then, when someone acts distant we begin to cling (fear of abandonment)

Here are some factors that could affect how much she likes you at any given time.

Hormone levels

Stress level (work, family, health)

Her daily routine and schedule

How much sleep she’s had

Maybe there’s another guy in the picture and that can affect her interest level.

Here’s a big one (probably the biggest one): YOUR BEHAVIOR. This depends on whether or not you’re acting strong, centered, confident and secure This is HUGE HUGE HUGE! If you act clingy, anxious, or weak, her attraction level is going to drop quickly.

So you have to be able to gauge where a woman’s interest level is at all times and adjust accordingly. Often times it’s counterintuitive. If she is acting distant, our instinct is to pull them close and pursue, when what you really need to do is back off and give her space.

To visualize her interest level, you can imagine a rating scale of 1-10. When it lowers, back away and take space for yourself.

I got an email from Daniel that says. Hey coach, I have been on a few dates with dates in the past few months but they didn’t go anywhere. I have no idea if a girl is interested in me so I never make a move. How do I know if she likes me?

Here are some things to be aware of when you’re on a date with her.

Is she making good Eye contact? Or looking around?

Does she attentive to you and your interest? Or is she bored?

How close to you is she physically? Maybe shes leaning in. Or is she distant and avoidant?

How often is she touching you and where is she touching you?

IS she flirting with you? Is she teasing you or hitting you playfully?

Is she laughing at your corny jokes? All good signs!

So Daniel wants to know, how can I make a move.

I suggest taking her arm and locking into yours and walk side by side. When you stop walking, take your arm from the lock position and put it around her waist. Kind of turn her into you and kiss her.

Now here are some things to look for when you are not together.

Any contact on social media.

Is she contacting you for any reason. Any kind of text means she is interested. It doesn’t matter what the subject is….. No matter how insignificant the text is, it means she likes you and she wants you to ask her out.

SO that’s exactly what you do. Text back and forth a few times and set a definite time and place to do something.

Women don’t contact guys they don’t like!