When Her Interest Level Drops

Her Interest Level Has Dropped

Today’s video is about what to do when a woman’s interest level has dropped.

The reason I am doing a video about this is because most men behave in a way that will turn a woman off when she starts to back away.

When a woman’s interest level drops and it always will at some point you have to be ready!

Even a woman who has a high interest level in you will drop at some point. You need to be okay with whatever her interest level is at any given time. What that means is that when she backs away, you stay calm.

Humans get anxious and you feel separation anxiety. Our body instinctively perceives a loved one backing away as a threat. We start to call them more, text them more and pursue them more. In a bid to try and get their attention.

Now, if when she backs away, you can sooth yourself by remembering my words. A woman’s interest level will rise and fall like the sea. But when it drops you have to stay calm and remember that it could easily go back up just as quickly as long as you don’t turn her off while it is lowered.

If you can do that, you can show incredible strength that will always be attractive to women

Today’s email is from Don. Don says hey Craig. Please help. I’ve really screwed up big time. I went on a few dates with a girl over the past month or two. About a week ago, she was going to a concert with a girlfriend. I texted her at the concert and she didn’t reply. So I got upset and I couldn’t sleep. I said why aren’t you answering me? What are you doing? Who are you with? She didn’t reply.

Dude, why are u bothering her while she’s at the concert? Stop being so insecure Don.

I lost it. I started saying, what are you doing? Who are you whoring yourself out to? I knew you were a slut. No reply.

Don that is verbally abusive. Your feelings of anxiety and fear do not give you the right to become verbally abusive. You have no emotional self-control and that is unacceptable. You are supposed to make your woman feel special and loved.

DON: The next night she messaged me on Facebook and told me she had dropped her phone in the toilet. And she was drying it to try and get it back on. Craig I cried for 2 straight days praying that phone wouldn’t come back on.

I bet you did.

DON: I had a dinner party for my Mom who just got back in town that she knew about when I heard a knock at my door. My heart raced. Everyone was there so I knew it had to be her. I opened the door and she was standing their with a box of my things. Told me she never wanted to see me again and handed me the box. I just stood there crying with my entire family staring at me. Then she said oh yeah and you’ll probably want this back too. She pulled out a giant black dildo and dropped it into the box.

Wow, that is humiliating. That was just brutal. I don’t even know what to say for you.

DON: I am embarrassed for my behavior and I really want to work on this. I’ll be scheduling a coaching session soon.

Good for you for manning up for this and taking responsibility. When you got anxious and then got verbally abusive. You paid the price and I think you’ll remember this. I’m sure your family isn’t going to let you live this one down for years to come. Thanksgiving jokes will be a plenty. Let’s hope they don’t pull that turkey baster back out.