My Ex Is Dating Someone Else. How That Can HELP You!

My Ex Is Dating Someone Else. How that can actually HELP you

My ex is dating someone else and we're gonna talk about that today. Sorry for the long delay on additional articles on my website. As you can imagine, I’m incredibly busy but will try to update more frequently.

One of the scariest part about going through a breakup is when you find out you discover or you suspect now dating somebody new.

It is the worst feeling in the world absolutely it is very difficult because in your mind that person is your world that the object of your affection and all you want to do is be with that person. So you assume that everybody else would have that same view of them.

So you're assuming that there going to see them as amazing perfect person too but they don't really know them right. They’re just starting to get there even know a lot of times when your ex leaves you and there might be a break or they could just immediately jump into something new they started dating this new person it looks perfect everything on their social media looks perfect you're seeing their spending time with friends and family and it is crushing.


Especially when you see that they’re spending time there with their family, introducing this new person in their family. For me, my heart was pounding. It's terrifying and it's not as bad as it feels.

I remember going through my break up and it was bad it was horrible but then I found out there's somebody else in the picture and it really “Oh my gosh”. My symptoms then just gets so much worse but it's really not as bad as it looks and it's not as bad as it feels.


I deal with you guys every single day with people around the world and I see it over and over again a lot of times you start it starts to date somebody new and it doesn't go nearly as great as it because it's really important to understand that is your ex does leave you for somebody else it can help you.

Margaret: Yes if they realize that that person does not have your wit and charm.

Craig: Which would happen with any woman I was dating lol.

 So let's get to the email they said: Hi crag I absolutely love you and your channel I've just found out I just found you about a month ago when my ex started dating someone else.

I'm not really sure if he left me for her or if they met afterwards. We dated for 2 years and things were really good for about a year and a half of it. In the last 6 months we've grown apart. Do to both of us having work and job stress. I knew things were getting bad but I was frustrated myself and didn't know what I wanted either.

I think he may have met a girl at work and started to like her. Of course neither of us really did what we needed to do to fix things and I think he took the easy way out I was wondering if you could talk about the grass is greener syndrome.

Can you please talk about that in the video do you think he could miss really miss me and want me back well let's talk about the grass is greener syndrome. Some people have asked me about that in the past and I don't think I've covered it before but the grass is greener syndrome is basically like the old saying that you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

What it could mean is that you know your ex sees something new some new opportunity maybe it's another person. Alot of times we feel like it's because of another person go or maybe they just see another change in life where it's a bit in a long term relationship. Maybe they’re feeling like I just want to be single fantasize about being single. They start to think about it and they long for it. They think it's going be one thing, but it's usually not.  There are positives and negatives to any situation so you know when you're in one situation really good other situation doing all kinds of fun things in there completely ignoring all the red flags in each other they're projecting their both projecting their fantasy perfect serious because eventually get tired of the other thing.


Well what could happen is they start to go out with this new person sometimes it doesn't even last long because you don't know how much or how little that person knows about relationships.

So maybe they go out on a date with somebody and that other new person was so awful there like Oh my God what have I done.

Then they look at you and so now he's thinking about you… You know what? He was always there for me. I don't know if I want to deal with this.

You start to realize that this new thing is going have its problems too.


They're going to start to miss what they had with you because they were attached to you love. They were with you for awhile, this is something new. There's no way to know that any kind of bond or attachment is going to happen

It's unlikely in most cases that they will attach to the new person but it's more of a projection of fantasy than anything real.

They may say or you were  too predictable and things are too boring. This guy is so exciting and so much fun and then she's realizing, you know what it's not so fun when he's black out drunk every single night.


Even though he's exciting, after a few months nobody's perfect.

They may have to run away and get away from the situation maybe you guys have been fighting a lot or arguing.


Even if your ex is dating somebody else, it really can help you because you might be looking at a situation with this new person doesn't compare to you.

It just takes time to realize that and I am telling you I say this time and time again I truly believe it, people do revisit the idea of getting back with you.

Feelings do change like the clouds of move across the sky.


When you can be strong and really work and focus on personal growth and development only better in those chances and that's why Margaret and I are so focused on educating you guys supporting you guys talking you through your situations because it is scary as hell.

If you make a mistake making your commitment it may be years before that gets undone.


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