Break Ups and Birthdays

Break Ups and Birthdays

Okay so one of the big questions people ask me about is how to handle break ups around birthday’s

I got an email here from Roosevelt that says, Hi Craig, hope you’re doing great. I have a question for you regarding birthdays. My girlfriend broke up with me 3 weeks ago. I’ve done pretty good not contacting her. I contacted her a few times the first week, but have not since then. I had already bought her a gift and I was wondering if I could send it to her. Either that or maybe I could invite her out to dinner and then give it to her.

So she breaks up with you, and you want to give her a birthday gift? No, you want an excuse to contact her. Don’t try to lie either guys. You miss her and you are hoping buying her a gift can get you to make her reconsider. Believe me, I know how desperate you can feel in that situation. Your brain tries to come up with a different way to get that person’s attention.

Your absence from her life will get her attention. Believe me, sometimes your absence is even more than your presence.

A woman will not have any respect for you if she dumps you and you’re still trying to buy her attention. They actually laugh about it. Imagine for a minute that someone who is supposed to be a dominant leader, like a high ranking manager getting disrespected by one of their subordinates. You would lose respect for them right?

Well if you are supposed to be a strong, masculine leader, and she I’m breaking up with you, and then you’re trying to buy her gifts to stay. You’re basically begging her. It’s weak. It’s unattractive.

If you are such a great guy you why would you need to bribe anyone to be with you.

If anything you should be like, you don’t want to be with me? Okay, take care. Watch how fast they rethink their decision.

Stand up for yourself. You don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you negotiate. So that means you need to set your terms for what you want. You’re trying to bribe someone back.

So don’t buy a woman any kind of birthday gift if she leaves you. They will lose even more respect for you. The only gift they get is the gift of missing you!

So to review: Don’t contact her. NO texts, no calling, no social media contact. NOTHING. If someone breaks up with you, you walk away and never look back. If for some reason she contacts you about it, say oh Happy Birthday. If they for some reason they complain, you say. I don’t want to be just friends. If you’d like to be more than let me know. But I’m not just going to be friends with you.