How To Know She'll Cancel A Date

How To Know She’ll Cancel A Date

In this video I’m going to talk about how to know a woman is going to cancel a definite date.

Now I’m talking about the definite date here. Not a “let me see” answer, “I think so” or “I’ll get back with you.” Those are usually No’s. I’m talking about you have a definite date as in Day, Place, and Time.

There is one tiny clue that a woman gives that she might cancel a definite date.

It’s such a sneaky tactic that I don’t think I’ve ever heard any other dating coach or relationship coach discuss this topic.

So I’m going to give 2 real life examples for you to see.

It’s something I call the Plausible Out.

So what is a Plausible Out? It is any type of life event mentioned by the woman the day of your date.

She uses her Plausible Out to set herself up for canceling your date. When it happens, it will seem like nothing. BUT, it is indeed her plan to cancel.

Here is the first example. A buddy of mine was visiting from out of town. He used to live here so he wanted to hang out with a girl he knew. He set up a definitive date. For a Friday night.

She texts him. Oh I’m sorry about the soccer game. I am going with my entire crew from work. Can we hang out afterwards?

So: she appears to be very reasonable. She “forgot” about plans to go to a soccer game? Or she’d rather go to a soccer game.

Now: Here’s the annoying part. She sounds like she wants to hang out afterwards, even suggesting it. So what do, he thinks he has plans that night. Only, now she has back up plans. And he sits around and has None.

The second one actually happened to yours truly.

I was talking to we had set up a definite date. Now, supposedly because of the holiday weekend, she got the days confused for our first date and asked to reschedule. Her exact text said “Can we reschedule?” I’m at work, we have orientation tonight and this week. It slipped my mind”

I said “sure, when are you free?”

Tuesday next week? Would that work for you?

I said yes and set the date.

Now, here comes the Plausible Out. The morning of the date she said “I gotta go to the hospital to see my best friends’ grandma first! At what time?”

I said, how does 930 sound?

She said “okay!”


At 920, She texts me. You’re going to hate me but I can’t make it. Grandma is not doing well at all.

We are not sure she will last. I can’t leave my friend alone right now. I’m so sorry sweetie. Sad face.

I said Sorry to hear that. Let me know if you need anything.

Now, is it possible that her friend’s grandmother is about to pass away. Absolutely.

It was a first date so I have no idea. She could be lying. She could be telling the truth.

Obviously I don’t expect to go on a date with anyone if she is dealing with someone being in the hospital or dying.

What makes me wonder is that, if that is what’s going on, why is she only texting me 10 minutes before hand? Why not an hour? She knows I would have to be getting ready and driving there. It’s inconsiderate not to just let me know.

I ran the situation by 5 women. 1 did not believe her. 2 did believe her. 2 said it was possible and could go either way.

The truth? Only She knows. But what you have is a Plausible Out.

Because this is the second time she cancelled a date. She’s going to have to make the effort if she wants to see me. I am very busy and I don’t like to plan the few evenings I have free with someone who cancels plans on me.

What I want you to understand is that anytime a woman mentions any kind of life event the day of your date, it’s a Plausible Out. All they have to do is mention something small: I forgot X, or I just have to run to the whatever.

What I would suggest is to say, listen it sounds as if you are busy tonight, let’s just leave it for another time. She will either say, yeah, tonight’s not a good night, or she’ll say no! I definitely want to see you and she will keep the date.