How Do I Know If Someone Is Thinking About Me?

How to know if someone is constantly thinking about you

Have you ever wondered if someone is thinking about you? You know you're thinking about them all the time and the thoughts are intrusive... Of course at some point we've wondered if that person is thinking about us as much as we are thinking about them.

So this video (and article) I look at some obvious signs and some not so obvious signs.

I got an email from someone who asked:

Hey Craig huge fan of your channel and you are my favorite Youtuber! Your videos are by far the most insightful and you truly have changed my life. Please please please can you do a video on how to know if someone is constantly thinking about you?

I have obsessive thoughts about my ex all the time and I cannot stop thinking about them. Yet every single day I cant help but feel hopeless that he doesn’t even care.

So here are 15 signs they are thinking about you:

1) If they have ever told you they love you. Because they were emotionally attached at some point and probably still are.

2) If they are emotional around you. Maybe they lose emotional self control. Get angry, scared, sad. It shows they CARE. They care about the situation and the outcome.

One time I had an ex get mad at me because I tickled her! She screamed she hated me and left the house. So I knew she still cared about me.

3) They do you favors. It shows they are invested in you and your relationship with them. (cooking for you, coming up with plans, taking care of you) It shows they care about you and the relationship.

4) If they appear friendly and excited to hear from you or when you see them. You can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice and generally see their attitude around you.

5) If they are talkative around you. Shows they are interested in connecting with you.

6) Tell friends and family about you. Shows they want to show you off. They see you as part of their life and you are kind of an extension of them.

7) Pet names. Even after a break up they can slip up and call you pet names. It shows they still see you in that old way.

8) If you’re with them and they want to be close to you proximity wise. It may mean they are trying to bond with you. If they are affectionate in any way.

9) Do they try to parent you. Women can become very motherly and nurturing. Women sometimes want to cook for you and feed you. Men can try and be protective for example.

10) Talk about future plans. Why would they bring up future plans if they didn't think about you right?

After a break up: They’re going to be more sly

11) They do an Indirect/Direct approach. When someone reaches out to you but in an indirect way. So they directly message you or contact you... but they're indirect about what they want. They might ask a question they don't really need an answer to or use a reason to reach out.

12) They don’t want you to know about the new person they are dating. They hide it from you is a sign they don’t want you to get upset. They don’t want to close the door with you.

13) They post songs or memes on social media (you KNOW it’s about you). You can't say it or mention it but they're trying to get your attention.

14) They ask friends and family about you (what are you doing? how is your life?) It shows they care...

15) Accidentally slip up on your social media (They slip up about something you posted on social media and it was the only way they would know). So it shows they've been stalking your social media (which they wouldn't do if they weren't thinking about you).

So those are 15 signs that I see if someone is thinking about you.

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