Will My Ex Forget About Me During No Contact?

Will My Ex Forget You During No Contact

If you’ve ever seen any of my videos you know that I tell you guys that if someone breaks up with you, you move on and don’t contact them for any reason.

I go into a lot of detail about that in my video How To Make Your Ex Miss You.


One common fear people have is that if they stop contacting their ex, they will just forget about them.


One of the things that I make clear to you guys is that if someone breaks up with you, you simply tell them it isn’t what you want, and to have them call you if they change their mind.

Now some of you guys get anxious and worry to yourself well when my ex broke up with me and I didn’t tell her to contact me if she changes her mind, so should I contact her and tell her that.


Yes, I want you to contact her and say: Hey I just wanted to contact you to let you know I won’t be contacting you anymore. But call me if you change your mind.

No, I’m just kidding guys.

If that’s not how the break up happened that’s fine. Believe me, if your ex misses you, they WILL contact you.


So I got an email from Sean: Hi Craig, I have to say your I love your channel and videos, I can’t wait for you to get your book done.

Thanks Sean, the book is a lot of work, but I will get it done eventually. Hang tight, I’m always working on my videos and so you always get new content.

Sean: I signed up for a skype coaching and I’m really excited about it. I already filled out the questions, it only took me about 5 minutes.

Craig: So for those of you who have never done an emergency email or Skype coaching for me. To make sure I give you the most in depth information, I have some general questions that I ask once you purchase one of the options.

Now the questions are optional, but they honestly give you a much more detailed and accurate assessment.

I would consider it a very brief intake form.  That way you can give me information leading up to your email question.

I also send out similar questions for you guys to give me answers to going into our Skype. I review the info before the session so we have more time to get real answers and make the best use of our time together.

Sean:  I needed to ask you this question right away because I’m really stressed. I’m really scared that my ex is going to forget about me if I just move on with my life. Are you really sure that stop contacting her is the best strategy. I feel like if I can talk with her or meet her out for lunch we can work it out.

So Sean has a LOT of anxiety.

So lets start by dealing with his anxiety. Anxiety causes people to lose emotional self control. It puts you in a fearful state where you are not thinking clearly. When we do something in an anxious state it is usually because we are self absorbed and are only trying to soothe ourselves.

We are 1 and I am the one.

In this case Sean is trying to soothe his anxiety over losing his ex. So he is now using his ex as an object to soothe himself. He has lost complete empathy for what she wants or what she needs.

She wants to be single. She wants space from him.

He can’t see that. All he can see is what she wants. He doesn’t know what to do to soothe himself. He wants to make himself feel better.

Guys. This is why I’m here! You need someone to talk to. You need an expert who understands exactly how to help you.

I’m constantly having guys do part of what I say, then get anxious and do the exact opposite. Be PROACTIVE. Come to me before you make things worse.

The more mistakes you make, the longer and harder it is going to be to fix things.

So Sean, will your ex forget about you? No.

Now if she was never attached to you to begin with, she may never come back. If she loved you, or has kids with you, or was ever married to you, lived with you. She is probably still attached.

BUT, she has to feel the separation anxiety of losing you. Anxiety leads to the beginning of desire.

When she sees that you’ve moved on. That you are happy without her. That you are never going to contact her again. It will trigger HER anxiety and make HER miss YOU.