How To Make Her Want You

How to make her want you

Today’s video/article is about how to make a girl want you.

So there is a girl that you like and you want to get her interested or to like you back. You want to know how to get her attention.In order to make her want you, you have to get her to think about you.

Guess who women spend all their time thinking about? The guys that are confident and fun, casual and indifferent, and appear to be sought after and desired by other women.

Woman tend to be more insecure by nature (then men). This is one of the main reasons why she is attracted to strong and confident man that can provide “security” that she doesn’t feel on her own.

She is also insecure about your capacity to be confident. In order to feel it, they have to test. That is why you must show emotional strength, capacity to stay in control and confident at all times.  

I got an email here from Gary that said. Hey coach, I got a girl’s number recently that I met through a friend. We had been texting for a couple of weeks and went on a few dates. I hadn’t made the move to kiss her but I was going to on our next date.

Always go for the kiss Gary. She’ll think your either not interested in her or you’re not man enough to go for it.

We had talked about going to a local festival for the following week. I texted her to see if we were still on and she said she had a friend invite her to do something and she had forgotten about the festival.

So, she obviously isn’t prioritizing you, because if she was she would have told her friend she already had plans. That’s what a woman with a higher level of interest would do. My guess is that her interest dropped because you didn’t make a move romantically and now shes’s moving you into the friend zone and friends only.

He said: I got a little upset and said. What the heck, I thought we had plans? She replied: Wow.

You got upset and it shows you are needy and insecure.

Here are some ways that women usually test:  taking their time to return your text, flaking out on you, looking at anything they perceive to be a weakness and exploit it. If you stay calm, relaxed and appear unfazed by their behavior, they will be more attracted to you. Once you pass her tests, she’s going to be more attracted to you and thinking about you more.

Women only test men they’re interested in. Because women are insecure they often don’t trust their own instinct. That is why they LOVE a guy who is successful with women. They think, if all those girls want him, he must be a catch. If they can land him, it validates her.

Gary asked: what he can do from here?

Personally I think you probably already turned her off enough. If you want to pursue it, wait a week. Send a casual text asking how she’s doing. Try to set a date right away and ask when she’s free to get together. If she makes excuses, just move on.

The reason I say you want to be casual and fun is. You’re indifferent. That means you’re not needy.

Space and Time cause anxiety and tension. She will feel less secure in your feelings for her. She will think you have moved on and if she’s interested, she will want to spend time with you.

A good visual representation that always comes to mind for me is the woman picking the petals off a flower saying He loves me, he loves me not. The fun is in the wondering, the anxiety, and the tension. It’s no fun if she already has you.