I'll Never Get Her Back

I’ll Never Get Her Back

So for this video I’m going to be talking about when you believe you’ll never get the woman that you love back.

This is a really important video for you guys who are frustrated and don’t believe it can happen

I got 2 emails from guys who are dealing with break ups

The first email is from Murray who says, Hey Craig, I just came across your channel yesterday after my girlfriend dumped me last week. She told me she didn’t want to be in a relationship. She said she wasn’t happy. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it and she said “not really”. We had been dating for almost 9 months.

I know there has been some pressure on her from her family. They want her to focus on school and think I’m too much of a distraction. I left her alone for a few days but then I kept trying to convince her to give me another chance.

I’ve watched a ton of videos on break ups and it all felt like fluff. I researched all of the guys and not one of them had any type of degree in psychology. Most of them didn’t even look like they made it out of high school.

I have been where you are and felt like had no one that knew how I could get my ex back. I would spend hours online and came across guys who kind of seemed like they might know what they’re doing. I’d look at their products, everything felt sleazy to me, and I wouldn’t purchase anything.

That’s why I come on here and give you everything for free. If you want, you can watch all my videos and do things on your own.

The real value is having someone there for you. The way the brain works is that talking about things helps you heal. That’s why therapy is effective. But if you talk with friends and family, there’s a extremely good chance, they’ll give you bad advice.

I have some people do coaching with me weekly. I’ve even had some people do it more than once a week.

When I went through one of my break ups, I went to therapy twice a week. I needed it.

I’ve had attachment trauma growing up. I’ve had attachment injuries. My mom had tremendous amounts of anxiety and my mom had an avoidant attachment style.

I can’t guarantee you that she will want you back. I can’t make someone love you or care about you. They have to be attached.

I had 2 extremely painful break ups in my life. Those were what prompted me to me being where I’m at today.

I can tell you that the first one, I completely screwed it up.

I didn’t know what to look for, I didn’t know what to do. I wound up crying like a baby in a restaurant.

It completely destroyed her attraction to me. You guys can laugh. It’s funny. It’s embarrassing. But if it hadn’t happened maybe I wouldn’t be here helping you.

The second girl, after I figured things out, I actually got back with.

Let me tell you everyone that I knew, said we would never get back together. I literally thought there was a zero percent chance of it happening. Zero.

She had even started dating another guy.

As a coach I can tell you that there is no magic about this. Some of you want me to wave a magic wand and just make your ex come back. You may even watch a few videos and get her back… And then lose her because you didn’t really fix the problem.

The guys who get my help personally, through emails and especially Skype coaching are going to by far have the best results.

You may feel helpless and hopeless.

One of my favorite success stories is a guy I worked with. When I first started, he couldn’t even say hi to people. He was depressed and made no eye contact. Not even with his family. He spent all his time in his room playing video games. After working with me, he had 5 women ask him out on Valentines Day.

I know things feel hopeless right now. Because in this moment she doesn’t want to be with you. But that’s in this moment. Remember, feelings change like the clouds in the sky and a womans interest will rise and fall like the sea.

You have to change your belief that you will never get her back and replace it by saying she will want me back in time. I talk about that a lot in my video Focusing On What You Want.

In most cases, I believe an ex will revisit the idea of getting back together with you.

But you have to know exactly what kind of behaviors are going to turn her off or re attract her. I can help coach you into having the most attractive behaviors.