9 Worst Types of Messages for Online Dating

9 WORST types of messages for online Dating. 

This article and video I discuss messages that just aren’t going to get you anywhere with women on dating apps or online dating.

1)     Lazy messages like Hi. Or What’s up?


2)     The really long message These read like a book. Hey Vicky just wanted to say Hi. I’m hoping your having a good day, I’m having a good day. My brother is having a pretty good day. My sister said her day was nice. How is your day?


3)     Needy: Would you like to talk? Or I would love to talk. Can we talk? Let’s discuss if we should talk

Here’s a popular needy one. Hi Becky just wanted to say hi. Say hi if you’re interested. (You don’t have to tell them to say hi if they’re interested. They will). They don’t look at your profile and say. “OMG I love this guy’s profile, but I don’t know what to do!”

4)     Bossy: Tell me more about yourself. What kind of job do you have? It’s not an interview. You’re supposed to be trying to create attraction.

You are my type. Let’s talk and get to know each other. She has some say in the matter.

These last 4 are the worst

5)     Weird: It’s sad that I have to tell you not to tell her anything weird.

I bet you smell like croutons. Love, Mike


6)     Creepy: It puts the lotion in the basket. Lustingly yours, Mike

7)     Sexual: What’s your favorite sexual position. Do you like porn? Are you horny? BTW my name is Mike


8)     Stalker: Hey, I know we met on a dating site 5 years ago and you are married with kids. But if your horny lets hook up. Mike



9)     The Combo- God I just want 45 minutes with you in the back of an ice cream truck. (Weird, Creepy, and Sexual) Your uncle, Mike