Finding Your Passion Can Improve Your Love Life

How Finding Your Passion Improves Your Love Life


One of the best things you can do for yourself in your life is find your passion. Find something that you absolutely love doing doing.

We all have our own desires and interests in life. Most people have that burning passion for something.

You know that thing that you love doing more than anything? That you can spend hours at a time doing it and completely lose track of time? That’s your passion.


If you can somehow find something that you absolutely love doing and make it into your career. Do it.

My passion is coaching you guys. Putting out as much information for you guys to have amazing relationships.

We only have one life and you don’t want to be at the end of yours thinking about regrets.

But having a passion can also have a huge impact on relationships. Because someone who is passionate about something is attractive.


Women hate apathy. They hate a man who spends his life sitting on the couch, isn’t inspired by his job or career, is unmotivated. It’s a turn off.

They would much rather have a man aligned with his purpose and put that purpose first. Sometimes she may even test you to see how much your purpose is important to you.

She wants to see if you will be weak and cave in, or if you will set a strong but caring boundary that lets her know you love her, and you’ll find time for her, but you must focus on your mission.


This is a little off topic but still relevant. If you’ve ever had a woman try to change who you are, they are testing you. They want to know that you value your opinion of yourself first.

Confidence is putting your opinion of yourself above anyone’s opinion of you.


It can be changing your style of clothes. Getting you to stop doing a hobby or interest. Compromising on the things that are valuable and important to you. When you do, they see you as weak and submissive.

I made the mistake of trying to please too much in at least one of my relationships. When my woman complained about certain things I thought it was right to compromise. I thought that’s that she wanted!

What that actually did is cause her to lose respect for me.

Women want to feel your strength. If they can easily sway you from your purpose, it disappoints them. They get angry. You aren’t as strong as she thought you were. Instead of her feeling that confidence and opening up even more because she feels safe. She feels less attracted to you because now that strong confident man looks weaker.


I talk a lot about more about confidence in my videos Confidence is Key and How to Be The Mountain


I got 2 emails from women who are frustrated by their man’s apathy. I’m sharing these so you guys see how it feels from a woman’s perspective and can hopefully get you to reevaluate your own behavior and how you’re coming across to women.

Amy writes: Good afternoon Craig, I have been feeling very frustrated with the man I have been dating. He is not like some of the other men I have dated and I don’t mean that in a good way. He is lazy and uninspiring.

Ouch. Lazy and uninspiring?

Amy: He comes home from work, sits on the couch and watches television for hours. I swear he does this every night. Even on the weekends I try to get him to go out with me and do things. He says he is tired or not in the mood. I’m so frustrated. No matter how many times I tell him lets go do something fun, he says not today. I’m not used to being with someone who was this unmotivated and it’s a real turn off.

Women love a guy who has a desire, a purpose. When a woman sees a man who has ambition. Guys if you have no passion or interest, it doesn’t give off a spark. She is losing interest in this man fast.


I got another email here from Shelia who is having a very similar issue. She says. Hey Craig, I’m having a difficult problem with my boyfriend. He’sreal lazy ass. He doesn’t do anything around the house. He doesn’t clean or help cook. I’ve asked him to help me do some projects in the home. It took him 4 months to paint the house. He would start projects and then leave them for weeks at a time. He’d only get back to the project if I told him over and over again.

I can’t help but look at him and be disgusted. He put on weight, he doesn’t take care of himself. He just doesn’t care about anything. I don’t even want him to touch me. My sex drive for him is dead.


You would be surprised how often I have women tell me things like this.

Women hate to tell men how to be a man. They want a man to know how to be a man.


Unfortunately, a lot of men these days are raised without their father in their life, without good male role models. So we don’t have men to teach us to be men.

That’s one of the main reason I put these videos out every day. To help you guys.

So I know the ladies that are writing me are not going to like what I’m going to have to say. Women hate to tell men how to act like a man. They hate it. It is a major turn off for them.

However, ladies you are going to have to tell your man how you’re feeling. If you have a man who you think needs a wake up call show them this video.

I recommend a book called The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida.

You have to let your man know that his apathy and lack of passion is completely killing your desire for him.