She’s Acting Weird Since Our Date

One thing that people rarely talk about is how girls can act very differently from leading up to the date and then after the date.

What I mean is that before the date she acts one way. After the date she acts another.

Remember, a woman’s interest level will rise and fall like the sea and their emotions will change like the clouds in the sky.

Its very important to understand this because when it happens it causes us anxiety. And then we start to act in ways that are going to turn women off.

I got an email from Frank that says: Hey Craig I really need your help with a situation. I don’t understand women at all. Few Do. I was talking to a girl I had met online. She was acting really interested in the beginning. We talked for about a week and she was being really sweet. She called me Luv and Hun all the time in the text messages and I liked that. She would text me first. Sometimes in the morning or then later in the day to see how I was doing.

Sounds like her interest level was pretty high at that point. It’s always great to have a woman with so much interest

I met her at the restaurant for our date it and it was going great. We had lunch. I had to break the evening date rule because we both have kids and it would have been a while before we could have seen each other.

I’ve had to make this adjustment before and it cost me. It can be very tempting, but you’re playing with fire. I always strongly recommend evening dates as they are much more likely to lead to romance.

We each had 3 glasses of wine. Before we left the restaurant we went to the restroom which is secluded area. It got really passionate. She climbed on my lap and made out with me. We went for a walk around the lake, holding hands and kissing at various times. We made out in the car and it got really passionate. She seemed totally interested in me. She talked sexual with me about things she liked and it was great.

After the date everything changed. She stopped initiating contact. I would see her online on the dating site where we met. It made me feel insecure and anxious. I could sense it was not the same. She stopped calling me nicknames. Which made me even more anxious. I could sense it was not the same, it made me even more insecure and anxious.

Okay this happens a lot. And you need to be aware of it and expect it. Is her interest lower at this point? Yes, it seems like it. Or it could be a test. She might want to see how you handle yourself in the situation. A woman’s interest level will rise and fall.

If she is talking to other guys, that’s fine. First of all, there’s a huge chance they will blow it and then she will come back to you. But not if you over pursue, it will make things worse.

What do I do? Did I do something wrong. I invited her out for a second date but instead of replying with an answer she said “hi Hon”. I texted her back “hi there” and she never texted back.

You had a great connection on the date. For some reason after the date that changed. My guess would be that maybe things went a little too far and you don’t care about her. She might think you were only interested in sex.

Now, if it was me, I would move on. If you do want to contact her again, I would wait at least a week. Personally, I would wait two weeks and if something told me to contact her, I would.

Now, if she does contact you, ask her out. If you feel like there’s an elephant in the room, address it. Casually mention that it seemed like something may have been going on after the first date. This is an opportunity to reconnect with her. If she says something you didn’t want to hear: she was talking with an ex again, she wasn’t sure about you, etc. Don’t get upset. Be playful and say, well I’m glad you came to your senses. 

If not, her loss. That’s the attitude you have to have. Be a great catch. If they aren’t willing to fight for you or make an effort, find someone that will. It takes 2 people to make it work, it can’t work if it’s one person chasing.