Pokemon Go Got him dumped

Pokémon Go got him dumped?

I have been getting several emails about Pokémon go causing relationship problems.

I got an email here from Rose, who has some very critical words for Pokémon Go.

Hey Craig: I am writing to you because I want your advice. My boyfriend of 2 years got that stupid Pokémon Go game the other day and I am sick of hearing about it. He is 28 years old and shouldn’t be playing video games. That’s so childish. I thought when I started dating him he would be more mature because he is a lawyer. I don’t like them, he’s too immature.

Well you sound like a barrel of fun. Listen to her projecting her views onto him. She believes video games are for kids and so because she doesn’t like them, he’s stupid.

Video games are stupid? He’s too old to be playing video games?

I can just imagine her. “Why do you like that stuff. It’s so stupid”.

Love is supposed to be playful and fun. You’re getting angry because he’s being playful and having fun.

Not only does she not know how to have fun, but he’s not allowed to have fun either.

Rose: He has been talking to his brother about this game nonstop. They are even planning on going to some stupid meet up to find these things.

Some girls can’t stand when they aren’t getting a guys undivided attention. He found something to do with his free time and can’t stand that it makes him happy.

Rose: I don’t even get it, like how are they finding these things? Where are they? I see people walking and taking pictures of them, but I don’t see them.

How are they finding these things? Does she think they’re real. Does she think they’re like really small and they’re zooming in with a camera? Or do you think there are cartoon characters coming to life and you’re just not seeing them?

Honestly, I can’t be with a guy who is going to be acting like a little kid. I want an adult.

You are infuriating. I have dated a girl just like her. She insulted all the things I enjoy doing, even though she knew it when she started dating me. She would constantly make digs about the things I enjoy and try to get me to quit.

He is an adult. The man is a lawyer.

Rose: Would you please tell him to stop playing that game? That a real man would not be playing kids games for 9 year olds. I told him I would consider taking him back if he stops playing the game.

First of all, there is no way in hell I’m going to tell him to stop playing a video game.

Nothing will kill a relationship faster than negativity. Watch my video 3 Ways We Ruin Relationships

If he is listening to this video I would say, dude I hope you catch them all.

Guys, never stop being yourself or doing the things you enjoy for a woman. It’s weak and submissive and it turns women off.

They want to change you, and then when they do, they aren’t attracted to you anymore. Because you’re not the guy she fell in love with.

If I was dating a girl who was acting like you, I would kick you to the curb. You better lighten up and stop being so rigid.

Have fun, go for walks with your boyfriend and try to spot them. Bring your magnifying glass cause they’re really small.

Make sure you find a partner, who supports your passions and interests. Not puts them down or insults them.