She's Dating A Jerk

She’s Dating a Jerk

I got an email from a guy from Bruce, who is interested in one of his co workers. The problem is that she is already dating someone. And he says, the guy is a jerk.

Hi Coach, thanks for all the great videos. I decided to come to you for help on the recommendation of one of my good friends that you helped. He swore by you. I was really skeptical at first, but I am now a believer.

Amen to that. He has seen the light!

Bruce:I work with a girl who is beautiful, smart, and very sweet. We talk all the time and I feel like there is some chemistry between us. I have noticed that more often than not she is playing with her hair when we talk.

That is definitely a good sign. A great way you can tell if a woman likes you is if they play with their hair. It’s instinctual. They do it unconsciously when they are attracted to you.

Bruce: We started getting to know each other recently. She told me recently that she is unsure about him and things were not going good. She admitted he had cheated on her and she had found out by accident. I won’t get into the details, but he did not cover up his tracks very good.

Yes this happened with a good friend of mine. She was dating a guy, and I could see why. The guy was a carbon copy of her father (who she was very close to). Both of them were like a real mans man. Drinking, smoking cigars, shooting guns, good with women.

She accidently found out he was cheating on her.  She had a girlfriend who was desperately in need of a phone. So she gave him her boyfriends old broken phone (which had a cracked screen). When they turned it on to check it out, she saw all kinds of graphic text messages that had totally incriminated him. HE was cheating on her and talking to her about when they would meet up to hook up. But she ultimately married the guy because he was exactly like her father. Who she was very close with.

Bruce: I don’t think they will last much longer. What should I do?

Well Bruce, like I just said, I didn’t think my friend would last much longer when her guy cheated him, but she married him anyway.

Do not interfere with her relationship at all. Don’t bad mouth the guy. Just listen to her. If he really is a jerk, she will see it for herself (she likely already is).

So, you should focus on women who are available and ready to date.

If you sit around waiting for her, you’ll be missing out on living your life! A strong confident guy will live his life.

There is no guarantee she will ever leave the guy, or become available.

IF and WHEN she becomes available, casually invite her out. Remember, she will probably need some time before she gets into a relationship again. So just be very casual and invite her out for some fun.