Are You Rejecting Women Unconsciously?

Are You Rejecting Women Unconsciously?

 Have you ever wondered why you meet a new woman it doesn’t go anywhere? This can be from getting their number, or going on a few dates, or even in your relationships.

Well there are a lot of things that we do that we are completely unaware of. The reason I made this video is to share some unconscious behaviors you may be doing and making you aware of them.


Hi Craig. I wanted to thank you again for our awesome call about a week ago.  I felt so much better hearing your feedback and just talking about things. I will definitely scheduling another soon. The reason I am writing you today is I have a question that I was hoping you could do a topic on.

After talking with you, I’m starting to realize that I sabotage my chances with meeting women. I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I know I’m not over my ex and I’m not sure I even want to date. Do you have any ideas?


We All have blind spots. One way of making changes is getting feedback. Like I always say: You cant fix a problem until you know what it is.

 So one possibility for many of you guys out there is that you are unknowingly sabotaging your chances with women


I have a list here of 10 ways you might be unconsciously rejecting possible women:


1 If you’re used to being rejected you might unconsciously seek out rejection because that is what you are familiar with. So if you had parents that would reject you, you are going to be attracted to women that reject you.

 2 If you’re overly sensitive to rejection you may be hypersensitive to even the smallest behavior and interpret as rejection. If you sense a rejection, you’ll obviously not pursue someone.

Now, with that- It can be real or imagined.


3 You’re scared. If you are scared to meet someone new and open up again you may do things to sabotage things.

 4 Rejecting them first? You may be rejecting people that would be interested in getting to know you. You can do this by nitpicking on little things. Disqualify them before you give them a chance.

 5 Do you test other people. Purposely put up barriers so they cant get close. Maybe you do things that you know will push them away right away.

 6 Choosing someone who is unavailable? Married? Lesbian?

 7 Making up stories or excuses so you don’t approach them. They look rude.

 8 Not staying present with them in the interaction. Maybe you are distracted. Stare at other women that walk by. Look at your phone.

 9 Only wanting your ex. You wont even give anyone new a chance. You don’t feel ready or you feel like “oh what’s the point” I just want my ex back.

10 Comparing them to your ex