Every Break Up Is Different

Every Break Up Is Different

In this video/article I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of understanding that every break up is different.

If you are going through a break up there’s a good chance you are feeling tremendous amounts of physical pain and separation anxiety. You are missing your partner and in all likelihood do anything to get them back. Everything inside you makes you want to reach out to them and demand that they sit down with you and talk about it. I can tell you, that I tried using logic and reason in those situations and it doesn’t work.

The problem is when you come online looking for help. There’s a lot of bad information on the Internet that is constantly contradicting itself.  There formula assumes every break up is the same and nothing could be further from the truth.

When I do coaching with you, I will look at a multitude of factors in figuring out what went wrong, give you insight into changes you can make to either get her back, or find someone better. I talk about some of the important factors I look at after this email.

So I got a great email today from Erick. He said: hey coach, I am going through a break up and I am heartbroken. I want to get my ex back more than I’ve ever wanted anything. I am really angry because when I come online looking for help, I find tons of bad information. I have been looking everywhere online for advice on how to get my ex back. However, I see these “break up experts”, who more often than not, just some guy standing in front of a camera at a park spewing bad advice.

That’s a good visual. Blah wait a week to call her. Blah write her a hand written letter. That’s a few of the things I’ve seen as bad advice.

How does that make him an expert? It pisses me off because they are doing more harm than anything and the only person that pays the price are the people that follow their suggestions. They have no kind of degree, no kind of training, nothing!

I love how passionate this guy is!

It’s just some guy who wants to capitalize on other people’s suffering by charging them 1000 dollars an hour. When I compare them to your background and education, you should be charging 5000 dollars an hour!

Man I’m gunna make this guy in charge of my fan club! There are some good coaches out there, but yes, there is a lot of bad information. The thing is, everyone always believes they’re the good guy. So they do believe that they are giving you good advice, but no one ever thinks they’re giving out bad advice. I have worked extremely hard to getting to this point, probably thousands of hours of researching, studying and reading at this point.

The thing that made me realize your content is the best was that after I watched your videos I always gained insight. Other videos, I would forget the content 5 minutes later. But Craig, your information always helped me grow as a person, not just follow rules like a robot. I have felt more personal growth in a short time thanks to you, than I have in years. Thank you, your work is helping me deal with my break up and comforting me. Whenever I get anxious, I hear your voice, and it calms me down and makes me feel stronger.

Well I’m happy to help. It’s my purpose. For me personally, I’ve gone through some very difficult breakups and I did not handle them well at all. I was absolutely heartbroken and miserable after a few break ups. I did everything wrong begging, the grand gesture, trying to talk it out using logic and reason.

My goal is to help teach men how to have healthy and meaningful relationships.

When I am looking at your break up I look at a ton of factors that is going to give you the best chance of getting her back.

I look at how long you guys were together, how serious was the relationship, were you ever married/ engaged or living together. Do you have kids together?

Are they dating someone new? What was the reason for the break up? Was there cheating? Are there kids involved?

Do you or your partner have any issues with trauma or mental health issues such as anxiety or depression? Your age, education? Attachment styles? Family history?

The more pieces of the puzzle I have, the better I can put everything together and help you. I understand every break up is different, tell me your story so I can help!