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Welcome to Ask Craig! Thank you for coming! I know your time is valuable so I always consider that when creating new content to share. You can expect to find the information that I feel will best help you in your romantic life, relationships, and break ups. I am constantly looking for ways to share things that I know will help you personally. I understand that all relationships or break ups are different, but many of the problems are the same. I also know how incredibly painful they can be (it's that pain that lead me to figuring out relationships and break ups). I can help you find your blind spots which will create an opportunity for you to grow and make significant and long lasting changes through awareness and consciousness. Sign up for coaching and get my help personally. Tell me your story, let me hear what is going on and I will give you the support, help, and guidance in whatever area you are struggling! Yes, I can really help you get her back! (it's my biggest question). Please understand that I am very limited with my Skype Coaching sessions each week (since I have a very full case load locally) and I fill up very quickly. The sooner you sign up, the quicker we can arrange a Skype Coaching Session or Email. I will do my best to give you the help I would have wanted when I was in your shoes!